James Gordon

Commissioner James Gordon

Commissioner James Gordon is the Commissioner of Gotham Police in The New Batman Adventures.

Bio: Batman confides in and trusts James Gordon. The Gotham PD is crawling with crooked men with badges. He is an honored police officer and father of Barbara Gordon. Gordon, through devotion and remaining an honest cop among mass police corruption, rose through the ranks to Lieutenant and ultimately to Commissioner. Batman and James Gordon share a special friendship, even though Gordon does not know who the man is under the mask. Their secret meeting places to discuss strategies and criminals, have become a mainstay in their relationship. Although today the Batman is embraced by Gotham City, Gordon is still chastised for relying on the Dark Knight too much over those who have the legal authority in Gotham. Jim Gordon wouldn't have it any other way.

Eye Color : Black

Hair Color: White

Voiced By: Bob Hastings

First Appearance: "Holiday Knights"

Position: Police Commissioner