Tim Drake

Tim Drake (Robin)

Bio: Robin is now Tim Drake, a thirteen year-old street kid adopted by Bruce Wayne. Tim's real father was a small-time hood (Stephen "Shifty" Drake) who stole money from Two-Face and then skipped town to escape the villain's wrath. Abandoned by his callous parent, Tim was forced to live on his own. A great admirer of Batman and Robin, Tim tried to act as brave and tough as his heroes, and successfully eluded Two-Face's year-long efforts to capture him and force him to reveal his father's whereabouts. Eventually Two-Face did catch Tim, only to later receive word through the underworld that Drake Sr. had fatally run afoul of gangsters in Central City.
Tim Drake Poor

Furious, Two-Face ordered his men to kill Tim, but Batman caught up with the villain and rescued the boy. Admiring Tim's courage and fighting skills, Batman took him under his wing and a new Robin was born. Owing to his years of parental neglect, Tim has grown up very "street" with a tough exterior and a chip on his shoulder. His new life as Bruce Wayne's ward has softened him a little, but he's still all sass and attitude when he goes into action as Robin. Much greener than Dick Grayson was at his age, Tim sometimes bites off more than he can chew when he rushes into danger. To a degree Tim feels he has to "earn his place" at Batman's side and he wants to prove he's all the hero the old Robin was and then some. Voiced By: Matthew Valencia (TNBA)Eli Marienthal (SS, MOTB)First Appearance: "Holiday Knights"Position: Hero of Gotham